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JOINT VENTURES: Do You Know of a Good Restaurant?

ON OUR recent holiday, at the end of a tour of a museum and gallery in the Glass House Mountains, Widy and I asked our guide if she could recommend a local restaurant.

She did better than that. In addition to her hearty recommendation, she gave us two discount coupons for the place she recommended.

Pretty impressive. This is called a Joint Venture.

The local restaurant owner obviously knows something about giving a little to get a lot and knew that tourists get hungry after a morning tour. So he approached the tour guides and asked if they would like a supply of discount coupons to pass on to their tour groups who might be looking for a casual, but comfortable dining experience.

And why wouldn’t the guides want to provide their guests with recommendations and coupons to a restaurant that they enjoy themselves? Perhaps the guides get a free meal once a week for their recommendations.

Joint Ventures, where two or more companies help one another, are an excellent way to attract business that you would not have otherwise have gotten.

If you want to talk over Joint Venture options and a few more get-more-customers ideas I have up my sleeve, give me a call 0414 955 743 – advice is totally free of charge.



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