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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

SHOOTING THE messenger is a common mistake that can cost you a fortune if you make it.

Everyone is familiar with newspaper ads, door hangers, business cards, flyers, brochures, direct mail letters, Cable TV ads, billboards, the phone, e-mail, posters, post cards, package inserts, window displays, signs, etc.
The elements I just named and many more like them are called ‘Marketing Vehicles.’ They are called vehicles because their purpose is to ‘deliver’ your marketing message to your intended prospects–just as a messenger is used to deliver a message to an intended recipient.

Each of those marketing vehicles can be a positive part of your marketing strategy if used properly. But it’s important that you understand exactly what their purpose is so that you can use them effectively.

The mistake that many business owners make is in confusing these marketing vehicles–the messengers–with their

Whenever I hear statements like the following, I know instantly that the speaker is probably confusing the messenger with the message.

‘I tried newspaper ads once. They didn’t work for us.’


‘Direct Mail doesn’t work for our company.’

As long as you have selected a marketing vehicle that effectively and efficiently reaches your target prospects and they fail to respond, it is your ‘message’ that didn’t work, not the vehicle used to deliver that message.

If you try sending your prospects your marketing message via a direct mail post card and you get zero response, and you are certain that your postcards reached targeted prospects with a high potential for responding to your offer then the following is a more accurate response:

‘I tried using postcards as my Marketing Vehicle to deliver my ‘message’ to my targeted prospects, but got zero response.

‘Apparently, my ‘message’ wasn’t very effective. I will have to improve my message before using that marketing vehicle again.’

While it’s important that you select an effective marketing vehicle to deliver your message, it is even more important that you craft your message in a way that guarantees a successful response. That’s where your focus should be.

That is the critical area that far too many business owners neglect.

If you aren’t getting the kind of results you need from you marketing efforts, you need to focus on improving your marketing message. Then it’s a simple matter of selecting an effective and cost efficient marketing vehicle to deliver your message.

But if your marketing message is weak or otherwise ineffective, then it doesn’t matter which vehicle you choose — it will fail … every time.

Do you know how to create a marketing message that gets your best prospects to respond–to take the action you want them to — immediately?

Imagine how your business and your life would change for the better a simple and reliable system that guaranteed to attract your very best prospects to your business like a magnet.

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