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Generate More New Customers

ONCE YOU HAVE established a consistent method of attracting new prospects to your business, you need to follow-up with those prospects over and over again to convert them into customers.

Your prospects will buy from you only when they are ready to buy — not when you want them to buy.

Some of them may be ready to buy now or within a week. But many more will not be ready to buy for a month, or six months or perhaps a year.

If you are not uppermost in your prospects’ minds when they are ready to buy, they will most likely buy from one of your competitors rather than from you.

How do you follow up?

There are many ways to follow-up with your prospects. But you want to make sure that you follow-up as a welcome guest, as opposed to an unwelcome pest.

If you follow-up with an annoying approach like, ‘Are you ready to buy yet? Are you ready to buy yet?’ you will convert very, very few of your prospects into customers. When they see you coming, they’ll run for the hills!

One way you can follow-up with your prospects is like we do with a newsletter offering valuable tips to your prospects. Of course, along with your tips, you will include information about your product or service, along with a special offer.

Always provide your prospects with useful information that is related to your product or service, and you will be welcome and not avoided.

You can follow-up periodically in-person, by phone, by fax, by postcard, by letter, by e-mail, etc.

With enough prospects on your prospect follow-up list and a solid offer, you will convert a certain percentage of your prospects into customers each month.

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