YES. I’m offering you something.

But I REFUSE to sell at you.

I’ll give you the facts.

Then YOU decide.

More Customer Group’s John Wright, whose Social Media Chain is amazing businesses with it’s increases in website traffic.

I’m John Wright. I have a business about 3 minutes from Harbour Town on the Gold Coast.
My ABN is 64 317 689 753. I’m a real person, living and working in Australia.

And I’ve got something to offer you.

Our Social Media Chain has been developed and tested since May last year. And it works. Brilliantly. Otherwise I wouldn’t be offering it to you.

I refuse to insult your intelligence by spraying an American style sales letter at you.

I’m just going to tell you how it is – what the Social Media Chain is, and does.

This Social Media Chain of ours has proved itself. We tweaked and adjusted it from June last year until we finished up in November 2016 with 23,000 unique visitors to our website with 150,000 page views.

What is the Social Media Chain?

It’s a step-by-step “How-To” that shows you how to bring a surge of new visitors to your website from your Facebook presence.

  • FACT: When we tested it our page views jumped from 900 in May 2016 to 68,000 in June 2016. Page views are crucial. If they’re not looking at your pages, they’re never going to buy from you.
  • FACT: If you can’t spend 30 minutes a day following the Social Media Chain instruction, STOP READING now. Social Media Chain’s not for you.
  • FACT: If you haven’t got $80 to spend, STOP READING now. Your business is too small to benefit from the Social Media Chain techniques.
  • FACT: If you can’t budget minimum $100 a month in Facebook advertising, STOP READING now. Your business is too small to benefit from the Social Media Chain techniques.
  • FACT: If you follow the Social Media Chain method, you will get much more traffic, and therefore many more prospective new customers, to your website.
  • FACT: The Social Media Chain is backed by me, John Wright, personally. I’ve been in business on the Gold Coast since 2000, in Byron Bay as a professional photographer, wholesale picture framer and owner/editor of the Byron Shire News during the decades before that.
  • FACT: The Social Media Chain course includes my phone numbers because it includes my personal support. That’s why I can only take on 50 businesses.

Here’s how Social Media Chain works

Everyone’s already been told their business needs to be on Facebook.

The problem is, no one tells you how to do it properly. And it’s dead easy to waste your time and effort getting no results whatsoever from your Facebook efforts.

That’s where the Social Media Chain comes in. Inside, we’ll tell you, step-by-step how to do it.

We’ll show you:

  • How to set up your website
  • How to make sure your Facebook presence will deliver. Hardly anyone is talking about this
  • Facebook stops most of your Page Likers seeing what you post there. We’ll show you how to get around this.
  • You’ll be running some advertising on Facebook. We show you how. $100 a month should do the trick.
  • Your website will need a tweak or two. We’ll not only show you what needs to be done, we’ll even help you over the phone (Aussies helping our Aussies).
  • You’ll learn how to keep an eye on your web traffic so you can see how your traffic is improving.

This Social Media Chain of ours has proved itself. We tweaked and adjusted it from June last year until we finished up in November 2016 with 150,000 page views.

Don’t forget, that’s up from 900 in May, just six months earlier.

This is not some magic bullet. It’s not some supposed miracle app with a price ending in ‘7’ that will bring you website traffic overnight.

No way. Nothing’s ever that good.

The Social Media Chain takes around 30 minutes a day to work. Three days a week is good, but 5 days a week is perfect.

No Bonuses Here. Everyone Knows Bonuses Are Rubbish.

We don’t need to give dodgy bonuses to trick you into buying.

  • I’d rather just give you my 24/7 phone number 1800 990 832 (or 0414 955 743 if you don’t like freecall) so you can ask me any questions you have, or if you’re having any issues as you progress.
  • I’d rather give you access to our Private Facebook Group so you can compare notes with others and ask me any questions. And  I’ll keep you updated as to what’s the latest in Social Media Marketing
  • And I’d rather make it clear from the outset that because each buyer of the Social Media Chain gets personal access to me by phone and email, I naturally have to limit the number of purchases I can accept. I can handle about 50 buyers efficiently, then I’ll have to pull the plug.

Any questions? Leave a voicemail 1800 990 832 and I’ll call you back, usually in an hour, or early the next day if you call at night.