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Gold Coast Media Consultant Discovers New Way to Dramatically Increase Website Visitors

More Customer Group’s John Wright, whose Social Media Chain is amazing businesses with it’s increases in website traffic.

Story by Paul MacKenzie



GOLD COAST media consultant John Wright has discovered an exceptional way to dramatically increase the number of visitors to any small business website.

He discovered an unexpected link between Facebook and any business website while working on a website project in 2016.

When John first tested his process, traffic to his project website increased from 400 visitors in May 2016 to 23,000 unique visitors in June 2016.

“I was stunned. I built my first website in 1996, so I’ve had around 20 years in the website industry, and I’ve never heard of anything like those numbers,” he said.

He has called his process the Social Media Chain.

“We’ll be releasing the Social Media Chain in early June this year 2017.”

John, a former newspaper owner editor, consults with businesses to help them get more customers.

“Websites, brochures, email campaigns and social media all have only one purpose for any business – getting them more customers,” he says.

“One of the most important ways to attract new customers is a business website.

“But the challenge is to get people to actually arrive at a business website, and see what the business has to offer.”

John claims his Social Media Chain is the link that meets that challenge.

Any business owner wishing to find out more about the Social Media Chain can reach John at 0414 955 743.

Businesses always need more customers. I work with the BEST to make it happen.




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