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How I get your web pages to top 10 in Google

The more I speak with clients about optimising their web pages so they nail Top 10 in Google, the more I realise there are a lot of Search Engine Professionals out there still using methods that were out of date last year.

Yet small businesses listen to them, because they don’t know any different.

Before I tell you exactly I do to get your web page to land top 10 in Google, there are a few facts you need to know about the Search Engine Optimisation industry.

  1. If your SEO professional isn’t using techniques from the past 4 months or less, you’re paying hard earned cash to them for nothing.
  2. The search engine industry is changing almost daily. Google alone uses 200+ double-degree propeller heads to improve their search results accuracy. If your SEO person isn’t constantly studying and learning the new ways Google wants them to react, he’s taking your money under false pretext.
  3. If anyone guarantees you a result, they are conning you.
  4. SEO professionals should know when NOT to optimise a web page. That’s just as important as knowing how to optimise a page.

Now here’s the meat – here’s exactly what it takes to get your web page to land number one in Google”

Step 1: Each web page must have a primary key word or phrase. We first make sure that your chosen keyword/phrase is the best choice to turn your visitors into buyers.

Did you realise that is a vital step? It’s not about whether you land Top 10 in Google, but it’s about whether the customer buys from you, or contacts you.

It’s of no use to you if your page lands top 10 in Google every ten minutes but the visitor doesn’t click on your link, land on your web page, then do business with you.

Step 2: Next, we check the cache of the page in Google. We want to make sure it’s been freshly visited by the little Google Spiders. If it’s not ‘fresh’ then we know the marketing on your page needs a ‘caffeine’ injection. If it does, we

  1. provide suggestions for your content, title, description and body copy
  2. organise 5 to 10 quick, real, good-quality links to your page. By ‘good’ I mean links which aren’t buried between Viagra and penis lengthening ads or Free Online Casino chip links
  3. Finally, we organise some blog links to your page. Most SEOs don’t even know they need to be doing this in order to most effectively market your web pages

Step 3: We verify the projected traffic levels to your chosen keyword/phrase. Some keywords/phrases are so seldom searched they don’t get hardly any results from one month to the next. We prefer use your money on the pages which deliver you the best results.

Step 4: We check the search engine results pages (SERPS) for your keyword/phrase. Are there Premium ads at the top? Local Ads? YouTube and GoogleVid ads? Are the top 6 places take up by ‘immovables’ like Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay or If this is the case we’ll stop analysis right there and move on to your next keyword/phrase. Again, we don’t want to waste your money.

Step 5: Next, I verify that there’s room for you in the market. We need to size up your competition. We have special software which makes sure what your competition really is when your keyword/phrase is searched. Hey, and do you think we care how many results are against you? We don’t. We’re only interested in the Top Ten search engine results. That’s all.

I mean, if I get you from 200th right up to 50th, will that do you any good? No way. Almost no-one clicks more than twice after they search. So that’s why I’m on about top 10 all the time. For me, if you not landing top 10 in Google, you’ve still got a way to go.

Step 6: Now I take a look at your page itself. I’ll check your On-Page Optimisation. I look for things like the page name, title, description, keywords and some other metatag stuff which doesn’t show up on the web page people see. I have some more specialised software which helps me out here as well. We might even try for an indented listing if the page looks like it stacks up OK.

Step 7: If it warrants it, now is where I’ll create a focussed page of original content which hones in directly on your keyword/phrase. Compelling title, proper use of the keyword/phrase and body text. Then we upload it up to your server.

Step 8: It’s no good having a hot new page ‘up there’ if it’s not noticed. So at this point I ‘market’ the page using a blog-based technique which should normally get your new page indexed in about 3 hours.

Step 9: I now recheck the new page and verify it’s scoring more than 85% in my ‘yardstick’ software. If not, it’s back to Steps 6, 7 and 8.

Step 10: Now I use two other proprietary applications to narrow in on which Top Ten results are vulnerable, then go after them. In SEO a lot of the deal is all about pages which link back to your own page. Usually if there are a couple of results pages with low back links, we can have their spot or better inside 40 days.

And that’s it. Using the techniques above, you’ll be amazed at how much overall improvement your website can enjoy in just 90 days.

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