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How to Write a Sample Marketing Script For Your Company Video


Video marketing should be among the elements of every company marketing strategy. Typically, several samples of marketing scripts need to be created, reviewed and approved before one or two are chosen for your company video .

Whether you are a small business or large company, your PR video needs to have specific components to help your customer understand you business and how you can help service their needs.

Marketing campaigns that utilize video can be more effective and provide a better connection to the prospect than a 1 dimensional newsletter or e-mail.

What are the 3 components every sample marketing script should contain?

1. Introduction – Every script should introduce the company and the business segment they serve. Within 10 seconds your prospect should know who you are, what you do and the types for products and services you provide

2. Explain why the customer should use your services – The next 30 seconds of the video should focus on your company’s experience, strengths and capabilities. Create a sense of connection with them and their needs. Focus on the company’s core business that help the prospect define whether or you are the solution to their problem.

3. Finish with a strong statement that gives the customer confidence in your ability to meet their needs. Explain why you deserve their business and why they should go the next step and contact your company for more information.

In summary, your sample marketing script should be concise and targeted at creating a connection with the person watching it. Define a goal before sitting down and drafting you scripts and once you have created a few, re-visit them to see which one best meets that goal.


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