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Increase Your Mail Open Rates with Lumpy Mail

HOW CAN YOU ensure that your direct mail envelope gets opened and not dumped in the trash?

Use the power of curiosity with ‘Lumpy Mail.’

Simply enclose an inexpensive object within your mailing, like a pencil, pen, or a plastic trinket.

It’s so cheap these days to order a bunch of post-its with your business details on them, or even your corporate keychain.

I once ran a very successful direct mail campaign telling my list of potential clients we should get together for a coffee. I included motel-style coffee and sugar sachets. It was probably the highest response campaign we ever had.

Your prospects will notice that your envelope contains an object and curiosity will compel most of them to open your envelope to find out what it contains.

Of course, the lumpy object you enclose should have some relation to your marketing message. And, more importantly, your marketing message should be enticing enough to compel your prospects to take immediate action after reading your message.

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