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Little known tactic to get more exposure for your business

VANITY DOMAINS: One more almost unknown and very under-used way to market your business website.

You’re promoting your business web address (URL) on all your marketing materials, right?

That’s a start.

However, you might be ready to expand your brand.

Vanity URLs can help.

A vanity URL (or vanity domain name) is an easy-to-remember URL often used to promote a particular product or service.

For example, your company URL may be, and your vanity URL for a product called ABC could be

Often, a vanity URL redirects to a page on your site. In our example, would redirect to

What does this accomplish?

First, you’ll send prospects to the most appropriate landing page.

Dumping them off on your home page and making them search for what they want could cost you their business!

Second, you’ll likely avoid additional site hosting fees because a redirect is not a separate site.

It just allows people to type in one URL and then be sent to another. Your web hosting supplier can set this up for you.

Although you could pay a small hosting fee for the redirect, it shouldn’t be much, and in the case of the More Customer Group all inclusive website hosting, is free.

You don’t necessarily always need to use vanity URLs, but they make great low-cost web marketing tools.

Until next time… Onwards and Upwards!


If you have any questions about the new Social Media Chain web traffic method, give John a call 0414 955 743 – advice is totally free of charge.

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