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Most East Coast Businesses Owners Open to Website Litigation

BRISBANE MEDIA marketer Paul MacKenzie says almost all Queensland and New South Wales business websites in a study he conducted are leaving their owners open to litigation.

“Almost all of them haven’t kept up to date with the latest legal requirements and the business practices,” he says.

“In a world where the internet changes rapidly, most businesses neither have the time nor access to the latest updates on things like anti-spam policies, legal disclaimers and Terms of Use policy changes,” Paul explains.

Paul says the problem doesn’t rear its ugly head until a business gets an unhappy customer.

He says it’s then that a customer can go over the business website and find anything wrong with the listed Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and more.

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“Incorrect or absent Copyright /DCMA notices, Earnings Disclaimers and FTC Statements can also leave a business open to legal action.”

There are other non-legal issues as well

“The myriad changes to Anti-Spam rules and to Google’s SEO policies mean that websites that once enjoyed a good result in Google Search are now falling further and further back from the front page of Google Search Results,” Paul says.

Paul advises business owners to contact a professional web and marketing specialist who can inspect their website and recommend the appropriate action.

“It’s a case of getting a small job done now, instead of enduring a massive legal problem later.”

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Story by Paul MacKenzie

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