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Never Base Your Marketing Decisions on Opinions

GO INTO almost any small business and listen carefully to how the owners and employees arrive at their marketing decisions.

  • ‘I really like that Facebook advertisement – it’s really cute!’
  • ‘That’s way too much copy. Nobody will read all of that.’
  • ‘I think we should advertise on TV. All my friends say we’re missing the boat if we don’t.’
  • ‘I don’t like that headline for our ad. It’s too long.’
  • ‘We never follow-up on the phone. People hate it when you do that.’

Statements like these and millions more like them are presented every day as the foundation of business marketing decisions.

Doomed business marketing decisions.

All of these statements are nothing but opinions, and opinions in marketing are worse than useless.

Opinions are almost always destructive to your sales and profits.

Your marketing decisions should never be based on opinions. They should only be based on facts.

And by facts, I mean numbers!

Every marketing decision that you make should be based on a numerical goal that you want to achieve.

If you want to generate 100 new leads each month from a Facebook ad, and one version of your ad produces an average of 105 leads and another version produces 21, then the decision is clear.

Opinions should have nothing to do with your decision.

It doesn’t matter if everyone loves the ad that produces the lower number.

Business is, for the most part, a game of numbers.

Play it like that, and you’re sure to win.

By the way, over 40+ years of hands-on experience as a marketing professional I have noticed: if you present people with very little marketing experience with two ads – one a big money loser and the other a big money winner – most people will chose the big money loser as their favorite.

So much for the value of opinions!

Until next time… Onwards and Upwards!


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