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The Best Cold Call Script Ever

YOU HAVE your list of names and phone numbers. Before the end of the day, you need to make 100 calls. Your sales manager has given your team a big pep-up talk encouraging you to dial, dial, dial.

Now all you need is a cold call script. And not just any script … the best cold call script ever.

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The 3 Reasons Your Phone Calls Suck

AS A SALESPERSON, you spend a lot of time on the phone. And you probably think you’re pretty good at talking with prospects.

But are you really? Below, I’ve outlined three sales mistakes I often hear reps make on the phone. One such mistake is even commonly taught as a best practice.

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How to Build Rapport With Just About Anyone

ONE OF MY guiding principles is that every business is a people business. It doesn’t matter what your industry is or what you do – if you are not relating to the people you deal with, talk to, manage, or lead, your career will be a long, hard slog.

That’s why building rapport is essential, especially when you’re forging a relationship and selling over the phone.

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13 Great Places to Find Background Music for Your Video

MANY EXPERTS predicted that 2017-2018 would be the “age of video marketing on social media” and the data is showing that they were overwhelmingly correct.

Video has erupted onto the scene with brands and businesses creating more video than ever before – with no signs of slowing down.

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How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page

YOUR ABOUT US page is one of the most important pages on your website. It’s also likely to be one of the most frequently visited. So you’d better make it good! Think of it as an opportunity to introduce yourself to your guests.

Who are these people visiting your About Us page?  Most likely, they’re prospective customers considering the purchase of your products or services.  They’re trying to determine if they can trust you. 

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How Scammers Con Small Businesses

SCAMS TARGETTING small businesses come in various forms—from invoices for advertising or directory listings that were never requested to dubious office supplies that were never ordered.

Small business scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and scammers will go to great lengths to convince you that the documents they send you or the offers they make are legitimate.

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Opening Sales Statement that Gets You a Sales Appointment

YOU’VE GOT just 8 short seconds to grab your prospect’s attention and land an executive sales appointment. This story by sales guru Tony Parinello shows you how.

I like to use this guy’s home-spun yarns because he mixes them up well with very real applicable tactics you can apply yourself. And who of us can’t use a few tips on making a sale? — John

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Forbes Magazine: Video Marketing is Future of Marketing

IN THE LAST 10 years, the digital landscape has changed significantly. People are phasing out desktop and laptop computers to search the web and interact with content.

Instead, they are picking up their mobile phones and tablets. What’s more, digital technology is cheaper today than it’s ever been before; there are virtually no boundaries on how, when and where people can interact with content.

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Increase Sales by Setting Weekly and Monthly Sales Targets

BEFORE YOU can get somewhere you need to determine what your destination is. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but it’s very true. Remember the old saying that Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail?

If you don’t have any idea how much you want to make each month from your business, it will be very difficult to make it. Read More…

Why You SHOULD Make Online Video Promotions Work For Your Business

A PROMOTIONAL video is easily the fastest, most effective and most affordable way of promoting your business. Yet despite online videos proving to be the fastest growing medium on the web, why are so few business taking advantage of this potential goldmine?

There simply couldn’t be a better time to consider having a promotional video created for your business, hotel or organisation. The official statistics demonstrate that whilst searches for promotional video based information are rising rapidly, other forms of media such as text based website content are remaining fairly static. Read More…

How to Write an Effective Headline: Basic Principles

HEADLINES ARE still the most important part of ALL your promotions, from web pages to blog post, from pay-per-click Adwords or Facebook ads, to Hot Frog or Gumtree listings.

A poorly written headline is fatal to online marketing efforts. Internet marketers must learn to write each of the following types of headlines – or let their businesses die: Read More…

Over 95% of Musicians & Bands Are Doing Facebook “All Wrong”

ALMOST ALL musicians, bands, entertainers and managers are doing Facebook wrong, wasting time, money for little or no results.

EVERY BUSINESS muso and band with a brain got into Facebook once enough gurus told them is was the future of online marketing.

And they were smart to follow the gurus’ advice. The problem was…

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How to Cut Your Newspaper Advertising, and Get More Customers

THE DAYS of easy, effortless advertising new newspapers are fading as we continue into the 21st Century.

But there’s a way to cut your newspaper advertising, and spend some of the money you save on getting new customers using the latest 21st century techniques. It’s so simple, it only takes a sentence or four . . . and we’ll use a carpet business as an example. Read More…

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