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One Page History of Advertising

Up to 1922:
Printed publications were the only place to advertise.

1922 to 1941:
Print and Radio

1941 to 1990s:
Print, Radio and TV

Late 1990s:
Print, Radio, TV and . . . SEARCH ENGINES

Search engines helped potential customers find businesses they were looking for.


For the first time in history, customers could search for you, not the other way around.

Previously, you had to pay one of the traditional media to shotgun-blast advertisements to tens or hundreds of thousands of people, hoping to reach the few people who needed what you offered.

The New 21st Century Way to Advertise

2000 to 2011
For the first time ever, you could reach people who were already looking for what you offer by getting your website to land on the front page of Google’s search results.

You got someone like Best SEO Services to fill your web pages with ‘keywords’, the words people typed into Google when they searched for what your business does.

You got links from other websites back to your own site – because Google judged how good you were by the number of ‘backlinks’ your website had.

2012 to October, 2012
Google penalised websites that weren’t laid out they way they wanted, continued to reward backlinks with higher search result rankings

October 2012: The END of Search Engines As We Know Them
In early October, 2012, Google killed 90% of its reliance on backlinks to rank your website. Google moved to rely almost completely on your business’s activity in Social Media Websites.

Google began rewarding businesses that demonstrate strong social media activity, posting in sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and dozens more like them.


  1. Since the beginning of advertising, until October, 2012, you could just pay, and someone else would take care of  promoting your business. Even your website in recent years.
  2. But now, you need to be involved too. Posting newsy items, product and service updates, photos and videos on 10 or 20 high profile Social Media Websites.
  3. You can tie up staff and resources to the tune of hours each week, or you can engage our services. Reduce your involvement to as little as just one short phone call a month.

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