Videos Can Enhance Your Business

One of the tools that is very helpful for businesses of all sizes is video.

Not only is video excellent for SEO (Google loves video) and as a promotional tool, but video grabs people’s attention, is entertaining and says so much more than words ever can.

View our latest TV quality video for Bendigo Bank.

Video also provides a better view and demonstration of what a company is all about. If you don’t use video you won’t see as much growth as businesses that use video.

  • Websites with video get a higher page rank than websites with just text and pictures.
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking means More Customers.
  • The use of videos and webcasting can give you a chance to show off your creativity.
  • Don’t limit your promo to old-fashioned, inefficient print and text advertising.
  • Use video on social media to gain exposure.
  • People are more willing to watch a video than read words.
  • Demonstrate how your product works, show how it looks.

We can produce affordable, entertaining web videos in a variety of resolutions and sizes such as 240p to 720p HD, suitable for viewing on a smartphone, website or DVD and television.

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Video Resolution Usages – 480p and 720p (HD)

  • Suitable for downloading and viewing on your computer, or embedding onto a website
  • Suitable for viewing on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Suitable for viewing on standard definition televisions
  • Suitable for projection
  • Suitable for burning onto a DVD and playback using a DVD player

  • Suitable for downloading and viewing on your computer, or embedding onto a website for viewers with high-speed connections
  • Suitable for viewing on an HD television
  • Suitable for use on HD projectors
  • Suitable for burning to a Blu-ray disc (or as an AVCHS-encoded DVD) for playback using a Blu-ray player.