Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a web page to land Top 10 in Google search results involves a variety of vastly different techniques and procedures. Here are some of the questions people have asked us.

Q: How long does a search engine campaign last?

A: As long as you want it to. There are no contracts here at Top 10 in Google. Remember, your position in Top 10 in Google (especially if you are Number 1) is the result of continuous effort. If your Search Engine campaign stops you could drop down the Google Search Engine rankings again.

Q: How does the cost of a Search Engine campaign compare with newspaper advertising?

A: a standard 10cm X 3 column newspaper advertisement will cost you roughly in the vicinity of $3000 a month. A well run Search Engine campaign will cost you less than $500 a month.

Q: How can I get my Search Engine campaign cheaper?

A: We can actually show you ways to completely fund your Search Engine Optimisation campaign. It’s like getting your advertising for free.

Q: Does having a Search Engine campaign take up much of my time?

A: Not much. We will need to talk to you to get information about you and your business. Generally though once we have enough to begin, we won’t bother you much after that.

Q: I don’t quite understand keywords and search phrases. Do I have to come up with them myself?

A: No, we have sophisticated software and experienced operators to work out exactly what search terms we should be optimising your website for. We’ll discuss it with you, but we’ll never ask you to do work we, as Search Engine specialists, do ourselves.