Mobile Marketing For Small Business

Mobile marketing is a huge growth opportunity for local businesses. More and more people are carrying smartphones that have always-on internet connections, and they’re using them to find local businesses when they’re on the go.

There are very few businesses that approach mobile marketing correctly, however. Most companies have either no “mobile” version of their website, or if they do it’s really just a smaller version of the same site. The latter is a little better option, but it’s still not very effective.

As far as the first problem – having no mobile-specific version of your website – this makes it extremely likely that someone searching for more information will simply leave the page and look for another site that’s more friendly.

Before And After Example

Look at this website of one of our customers seen on an iPhone, before we created a mobile friendly version:


Normal websites are a nightmare if you try to read them in a mobile phone

This is what a “regular” website looks like on a typical smartphone. It’s practically impossible to read, and even if someone zooms in to see what’s there, it’s still not going to be very effective.

And – the content on a mobile site needs to be optimised for the person browsing on a mobile phone. They most likely don’t want to browse through a lot of information, but are after important details quickly like your location and your phone number.

Having a mobile-friendly version of your website is a better option. You can see below what this same customer’s site looked like after we created a specific mobile version of it in this example:


A mobile or smartphone-friendly version of your website will help more customers do business with you

Much easier to read and to navigate, right?

But mobile phones are kind of small, and nobody wants to spend a lot of time looking at the website on their iPhone. 99% of the time, they’re looking for one of two things – a phone number
or an address. They don’t want to read the website or anything else, they’re just trying to either call or get to the right location.

That’s why the company – in the example above – wanted people who arrived at the mobile version of his website to do just one thing – dial the number – so that they can engage with them in a helpful conversation that hopefully will result in a sale.

And the beauty of that is – it’s as simple as touching the screen to call.

If someone searches for a local business on their smartphone, and winds up on a page like this, don’t you think the chances are much better that they’re going to actually call – right away – and/or visit as a result?

And that’s not all you can do with mobile websites. Most of today’s smartphones have various other functions that can be integrated into a mobile site. Many smartphones have GPS functions built right in.

What if you could include GPS coordinates on your website so all your potential customer had to do was click on the link and it would open their GPS and give them exact directions to get from wherever they are to your location?

Or how about including all that contact information on your website so that customer could click another link and automatically have it all loaded into their phone’s address book?

Don’t you think they’d be a lot more likely to make multiple visits to your business if the details were all loaded in their phone whenever they needed your products or services?

In today’s mobile world, having a mobile optimised website can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Talk to us today about creating your own mobile friendly website to enhance your business.