John Wright

John’s whole business career spans more than thirty years, and the whole of it has centred on helping small businesses get more customers through their doors. From early beginnings in his family’s local newspaper, through to buying the family out in 1986, John has helped literally thousands of small business operators.

Add to that 4 years consulting for media multinational Australia News Media and his last 11 years helping local Gold Coast small businesses get more customers . . . what a wealth of experience he can offer you – in print, sales, marketing, advertising, websites, direct mail and search engine optimisation: getting your website Top 10 in Google.

Peter “Melbourne Pete” Irons

Peter was involved in the early Help Bank website back in the mid 1990s and hasn’t stopped working on the internet since. He now derives much of his income from hundreds of websites which he consistently maintains in the Top 10 in Google.

His contributions to Best SEO Services are many, ranging from developing strategies, writing special keyword-rich copy and general troubleshooting, through to corporate consulting where larger companies require working Pay-Per-Click campaigns to get their website Top 10 in Google.

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