Some clients only need a short, sharp SEO campaign to get them somewhere in Google’s Top 10. Edge Legal engaged our SEO services from September 1, 2010 for a four month package. We provided some hundreds of search terms relating to legal services, and finally drilled down until we had 21 viable Key Search Terms.

We discussed these with Edge Legal and finally settled on these TEN Key Search Terms (number of Australian searches per day are in brackets):

  • commercial lawyers (95)
  • commercial leases (79)
  • commercial lease agreement (79)
  • commercial leasing (95)
  • estate law (79)
  • privacy policy (266)
  • trademark registration (95)
  • employment lawyers (79)
  • franchise lawyer (9)
  • technology lawyer (5)
Note the last two search terms have relatively low daily searches, but have been chosen because they often lead to much longer term relationships with clients.

At this point we ran a Rank Check to see how well edgelegal.com.au was ranking for our chosen keywords.

RANK CHECK #1:  When we started

The original ranking check (pre-SEO) shows that Edge Legal was ranking on the 4th results page of Google only

RANK CHECK#2:  After ONE month SEO

Shows that even at this early stage, Edge Legal’s only ranking key search term has made it to the Top 10 in Google, and made its first appearance in Bing (Microsoft).


RANK CHECK #3:  After TWO months SEO

After a second month of SEO optimisation by Top 10 in Google, we see the original key Search Term commercial lawyers advance one notch to number 6 in Google, and its Bing ranking leap from 193 to 37.

Additionally, three more Key Search Terms have made it into the Top 200, with one of those just scraping into the Top 10.