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Set Weekly and Monthly Prospect Goals

IN ORDER to achieve your monthly sales goals, you’re going to also have to meet monthly prospect (another term is potential customer) goals. The more prospects you attract to your business, the more customers you will have.

There’s no getting around it, you can never stop attracting prospects to your business. If you do, your sales will eventually begin to dwindle.

The reason you need so many prospects, is because not all prospects will become paying customers. Only a percentage of prospects will convert. For some businesses it can be a high percentage, but for most businesses, you can expect 1% – 10% of your prospects to convert into paying customers.

If you convert 10% of your prospects into paying customers, then you need 10 prospects to generate one new customer. You’ll need 100 new prospects to create 10 new customers.

You’ll have to determine how many new customers you want to generate each month, and then determine how many prospects you’ll need to attract to generate that number of customers. That will be your monthly prospect goal.

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