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Sick of Envying Your Competition’s Great Website Videos?

Is your lack of budget for great website videos causing you grief?

We have your website videos solution.

Business owners like you often fail to get new customers from their websites. You’ve invested in a lovely website. You’ve got the ‘www’ on your business cards. Isn’t it frustrating to have spent so much yet not seen any real return on your outlay?

You can’t be blamed for feeling frustrated, but you have probable heard one of the keys to successful websites is the use of videos, haven’t you? Did you think there’s any need to miss out on the tremendous potential of web videos to get yourself new customers?

There isn’t.

Brutal fact: Without well made videos you are losing customers from your website.

But videos cost lots of money don’t they? Not any longer.

Over the past 10 years we’ve developed a unique approach to website videos. We call it our Video Core System. We have clients like Bendigo Bank, but most of our clients are small businesses.

Like Gary Denning, of Mobile Auto Air, on the Gold Coast. Gary needed more action from his website, but didn’t want to pay for a Hollywood blockbuster. We introduced him to our Video Core System, and within a week he had TWO new custom built videos, running on YouTube.

And he’s already getting results. Take a look at one of Gary’s videos now . . . it’s on the home page of his website.

World marketing authorities like Ryan Deiss and Jerry West all say web videos are important to small business success. That’s why the More Customers Guy team has been using them for more than a decade. They work. Wouldn’t you love to have state-of-the-art video technology in your hands, right now?

The Real Cost of Videos

We’ve isolated the thing that costs the most to make a video, and we can show you how to make it FREE. There’s still work to be done at our end, but our Video Core processes make that a breeze. That further reduces the cost of your videos. And all new videos are a breeze as well.

Using your videos most effectively

You probably know that the more videos you have on YouTube, Vimeo and the others, the more effective they are in getting you new business. But producing half a dozen new videos at a time would break the bank, wouldn’t it?

No! And you can’t just upload multiple copies of the same video – they’re too smart to let you do that. Our Video Core System allows us to create multiple unique copies of each video, for a song.

We’re not talking under $1000, or even under $500. We’re talking under $50. No one else can do that.

How Much Does the Video Core System Cost? And What Do You Get?

If you Google “business videos” or “business video for my website” you’ll be shocked at prices ranging from over $2000 to $5000 and more. You don’t need to pay anywhere near that to enjoy a range of custom videos on your website, on YouTube, Vimeo and as many other video sites you can find. Here’s what you get:

  • A Core of video resources – video clips, stills, graphics, an Intro and Outro and all assembled in a Core Resource for use at any time in the future
  • TWO completely unique custom videos created from out of your Video Core and ready to publish on YouTube
  • Your videos integrated into your website
  • When you ask for them, 5 unique versions of EACH of your custom videos. All the more to upload into YouTube and dozens of other video distribution websites

In fact, you’ll get everything you need to successfully use videos to get more customers. Including being able to own literally dozens of your own, unique videos. All by using our Video Core System.

  • Not for $5000, or $2000, or even $1000.
  • Our Video Core System is just $900

This exclusive offer is limited to the next TEN new clients

Of course, producing videos takes time. And we’re already quite busy. That’s why we’re limiting this chance to get premo quality videos to just the next ten new clients. Any more than ten new clients, and our production schedules will start running behind. And we never do that. Ever.

Here Are 3 Great Reasons to Secure Your Own Video Core System

  • BONUS – Your video voice over is free if you’re one of the first ten new clients. VALUE: $160
  • BONUS – Our first ten new clients will receive a free animated intro (VALUE: $240), like this one:
  • vid goes here
  • BONUS – Our first ten new clients will get their new videos distributed to the TWENTY major websites apart from YouTube.  VALUE: $180

That’s nearly $600 worth of extras . . . but only for the first ten new clients. Can you see now, how there’s no need to feel frustrated or envious of your competition’s videos? And there’s no need to belt your credit card for your own custom videos, either.

Don’t Pay Credit Card Interest; Our Personalised Interest-free Payment Plan With Fit Your Budget

Are you concerned about incurring credit card or overdraft interest to pay for your Video Core System? Don’t worry. We can tailor a payment plan which will fit your budget. And you’ll own a new customers resource such as your competition has never seen.

What Happens After You Join Our Video Core System Team?

When you become one of the first ten new clients using our unique Video Core System, these are the next steps:

  1. We create your video Intro and Outro (the bits at the beginning and end of each of your videos).
  2. We prepare your voice over scripts (one for each of 2 videos)
  3. We record your voice overs
  4. Your first two unique videos are then published to YouTube
  5. Your first new videos are then published to your website. If we didn’t build your website, we’ll need to work with your web guy for this.
  6. Each of your new videos will be distributed to the TWENTY major video websites on the internet. Each video will contain links back to your website. Google loves this!

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