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The Social Media Chain: Dramatic Increase in Website Visitors

Our Social Media Chain System brings dramatically more visitors to your website

THERE ARE hundreds of “miracle” Facebook products on offer to the unwary – all pretending to be the latest magic bullet in Facebook business marketing.

Their claims outrageous, but their sales pitch is always extremely clever to grab your sale.

That ends right here.

Here is factual information about a Social Media/Facebook system that brings very much increased traffic to your website.

There is no sales pitch. Just facts about the system.

What is the Social Media Chain?

THE SOCIAL MEDIA CHAIN is a very easy way to use your website WITH Facebook to bring more potential clients to your website.

The results speak for themselves. We tested it out on one of our projects – Voice of Byron – a news website for the Byron Shire in New South Wales, Australia.

Whole Team Blown Away by Unprecedented Results

In May 2016 testing our Social Media Chain, the Voice of Byron website received 400 unique visitors who viewed 990 pages. No big deal, right?

We started testing our Social Media Chain on June 4, 2016.

In just 26 days by June 30 the website had 13,948 unique visitors and 68,000 page views!

From July to November 2016 we continued to fine tune our Social Media Chain until we got 23,000 unique visitors and made our 150,000* page views target.

The number of page-views is vital to fully appreciate the power and success of the Social Media Chain. The page views show that once a visitor arrived at our website to read an article, they stuck around and explored our website.

What Makes the Social Media Chain Work So Well?

We haven’t been able to find anything like our Social Media Chain out on the web anywhere.

Genuine Australian business. A real person. ABN and all.

Just call John now personally 0414 955 743,

or leave a voicemail at 1800 990 832.

*Actually the end of November result was 149,904

2 comments on “The Social Media Chain: Dramatic Increase in Website Visitors

Avatar image
hong Hu on June 1, 2017 3:55 pm

what is cost to us?

Avatar image
John on June 4, 2017 5:51 am

Hi there, Hong Hu
Thanks for your interest
In its final release, Social Media Chain will sell for AUD $160.
But when this beta release goes live (this week) it will sell for AUD $80.
Your purchase includes my personal assistance (phone numbers supplied) for any questions you might have as you work through it.
One final reminder: This is not some “magic bullet” product from one of those slick Social Media gurus.
It’s an offer to take advantage of a process I’ve put together in my real world business, that took our test website from 400 unique visitors in May 2016 to 23,000 in June 2016.
If you can’t afford 30 minutes a day and $100 per month in Facebook advertising, the Social Media Chain isn’t for you.
And because the course involves my personal involvement, I have to limit the offer to just 50 people.

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