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Harnessing the Power of NEW

HAVE YOU EVER noticed how prevalent the word ‘New’ is in mass market advertising? It’s everywhere.

New! Improved! is found on an incredible number of boxes and bags of household products, cereals, snacks, etc.

It makes sense. We all want the newest, latest products and services. Most people don’t want last week’s newspaper. It’s called a newspaper because it contains the very newest information.

Here’s how you can use the power of new to give your marketing more power:

  1. Create ‘new’ products or services to add to your line of offerings. Then make sure you use the word New! in your promotions so your prospective customers know that it’s new. Put ‘New!’ next to the product or service name.
  2. Update or improve your current products or services. When you do that, you bring fresh life to your products. You force your customers to take a closer look at what you are offering.
  3. Use the word New in your lead generation offers. Which offer would you respond to if you were an avid scrapbooker?

109 Scrapbooking Tips


109 of the Newest Scrapbooking Tips

Most people would choose the second offer because they don’t want the same old thing they’ve seen before. They want something New!

Using the power of the word ‘New’ will help you gain the attention of your prospective customers, and add new life to your products, services and marketing efforts.

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