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Tips to Help You Protect Yourself & Your Business From Scammers

MORE AND MORE these days modern technology world allows scammers to create an increasing number of sneaky ways to part you from your hard earned profits.

But to be honest, some people leave themselves wide open to be ripped off.

Here are a few basic pointers which will help you keep your guard up and make it harder for the con merchants of this world to rip into you:

  • Limit how many people have authority to buy or order something for your business.
  • Keep your filing and accounting systems well organised—this will make it easier for you to detect bogus accounts and invoices. Double check every request for payment.

  • If you notice a supplier’s usual bank account details have changed, call them to confirm.

  • Keep your office networks , computers, and mobile devices secure. Update your security software, change passwords and back up your data regularly. Store your backups offsite and offline. Stay Smart Online explains how to back-up your data (link is external).

  • Don’t let tactics like bullying, negotiations for a lower price, or charges for unordered or unused goods affect your decision.
  • If you think a request is suspicious, independently check business details and do a search online.

I hope these tips help!

Until next time… Onwards and Upwards!


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