The Unbeatable Social Media Chain: Unique. Powerful. Effective.

Our Social Media Chain System brings dramatically more visitors to your website.

OFTEN WHEN something becomes a buzzword there are dozens and dozens of “experts” who descend on the subject at hand, like pack dogs.

‘Social Media’ and ‘Facebook’ are the current industry buzzwords.

And there are also hundreds of “miracle” products on offer to the unwary - all with a price ending in ‘7’ ($17, $47, $97 etc) and all pretending to be the latest magic bullet in online business marketing.

The claims made by their vendors are most often outrageous, but their sales pitch is always extremely cleverly crafted to knock aside your skepticism and grab your sale.

That ends right here.

Here is factual information about a Social Media/Facebook system that brings very much increased traffic to your website.

There is no sales pitch. Just facts about the system.

What is the Social Media Chain?

THE SOCIAL MEDIA CHAIN is a very easy way to use Facebook to bring more potential clients to your website.

You can do it all yourself if you or your staff have half-an-hour a day to commit to it.

DO NOT read any further if you don’t have this,
or the budget to pay someone to do this for you.

The Social Media Chain has been developed and tested by our team since June 2016.

The results speak for themselves. We tested it out on one of our projects – Voice of Byron – a news website for the Byron Shire in New South Wales, Australia.

Whole Team Blown Away by Unprecedented Results

In May 2016 our Voice of Byron website received 85 unique visitors who viewed 990 pages. No big deal, right?

Then we started testing our Social Media Chain on June 4, 2016.:

In just 26 days on June 30 – 13,948 unique visitors and nearly 70,000 page-views!

From July to November 2016 we continued to fine tune our Social Media Chain until made our 150,000* page-views target.

This graph shows the massive jump in unique visitors to our test website from May before we commenced deploying the Social Media Chain, then our first results in June and finally our November results when we completed the test.

The number of page-views is also vital to fully appreciate the power and success of the Social Media Chain. The page views show that once a visitor arrives at your website to read an article, they stuck around and explored your website.

What Makes the Social Media Chain Work So Well?

One of the best known truisms of online marketing is ”Content is King”.

And it is. No one can argue that fact.

But what everyone forgets to tell you is that even king-quality content generates almost no extra traffic unless your content is presented in the correct way.

We further tested our Voice of Byron project this year 2017, finalising our tests in April.

The results prove without doubt that the visitors to your website generated from Facebook are directly proportional to what you publish, and how often.

YES: – We found a direct relationship between website traffic and:

  • The quality of the articles
  • How often we posted something

This daily visitors diagram clearly shows the vital relationship between regular publishing great content and how many visitors you get to your website.

The more quality content you publish, the more visitors you get to your website.

The Social Media Chain system gives you all this and more

We haven’t been able to find anything like our Social Media Chain out on the web anywhere.

You can get it right now...

We’re more than happy to share more about it with you.

Just call John now personally 0414 955 743,

or leave a voicemail at 1800 990 832.

*Actually the end of November result was 149,904