Australian Websites Dropping From Google Search Results. Is Yours?

GOOGLE HAS started penalising Australian websites that don't comply with their smart device policy.

Australian websites which aren't "smart device responsive" will no longer appear in searches conducted on smartphones, tablets and mini-tabs.

How important is this, and what does it mean for Australian small businesses?

What this means is that when any search is made on a smart device - mobile phone, mini-tab or tablet - all websites which don't display properly will either get dropped or at best they'll only appear after all smart-device compliant websites.

Web sites that pass Google's test will appear first in Google's Search Results.

How many searches are currently done on smart devices?

google-search-breakdown-14-days-hardtops-campaignHere's a graphic which shows the breakdown for all searches in a pay-per-click campaign I ran last month.

Notice that 63% of all searches were done on smart devices? That's 63% of all searches your website mightn't appear in.

How To Tell if Your Website is Affected?

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