what is the difference between a business logo & an illustration logo?


A business logo design is an effective stylised icon and/or text which captures and defines your corporate identity. The majority of logos we design fall into this category.


An Illustration logo design is a detailed illustration that is used as a logo. These are developed along a single design idea and involve intricate detailed artwork and design skills. An illlustration usually invovles a character, e.g. a lion, chef, dancer, lizard, etc. We develop the character to be a representative of your idea. Having said that if you wanted an animal for example in a business logo, that would still be ok, however the design is likely to be a sillhouette or stylised version, for detail illustration, you will need to buy the illustration logo.

Illustration Samples


Business Logo Samples


6 reasons to choose The More Customers Group

1. Who’s counting?: We work with you until you love your logo design. We want you to be happy with the result.

2. Professional Approach: Our logo designers are supervised by a Senior Art Director and our Creative Director to ensure quality control and that the logo design standard is of the highest quality!

3. Affordable: Our professional approach is not going to cost the earth, our designs are very affordable.

4. Depth of Experience: We have a lot of clients so our designers have all worked with a huge variety of clients. Your local designer is most unlikely to match our experience, even large design agencies would be unlikely to see the diversity of clients we see!

5. Creativity: We’re routinely described as clever, cool, original, gifted and understanding. We have great designers who live for art and design.

6. Reputation: We are proud of the praise we receive from clients all over Australia and also at being recommended by them to others.

Logo Design Next Steps

Call or email us to discuss your logo or branding requirements or ideas. Our friendly and experienced consultants can answer any questions you may have.

To proceed we require a 60% deposit after which we will send out the logo design brief. You can pay this deposit with a credit card or with a bank transfer. We can provide you with the bank account details or give you a call for your credit card details.

The More Customers Group logo design process is very simple.

1. First we send you a logo design brief. This is a questionnaire that you fill out, answering questions relating to your business and ideas regarding your logo design.

2. 3-7 days after we have received your design brief you will be given initial logo concepts from our design team.

3. From this point you will go back and forth with the designer until you are 100% happy with the logo design and sign off on the artwork.