Every More Customers Group website is built with Mobile top-of-mind.

On average, 25% of all Australian website traffic is now from mobile devices. We offer mobile-friendly website design ensuring that your websites get an effective impression of your business regardless of the device they are viewing from.

“Mobile-First” design philosophy

Based on the latest trends and research in user consumption, we know that a mobile-optimised version of each customer’s website is something that needs to be considered from day one. We offer mobile-friendly versions of customer’s websites, ensuring that your website is intuitive and effective across every modern-day device. We also offer responsive web design for a seamless journey, if requested. We infuse our best-practice knowledge and experience (gained from helping over 4,000 Australian businesses craft their brands), into every customer’s website project.

An intuitive website, regardless of device

Whether your website visitors are viewing from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, your business’ brand message should be consistent across all platforms. Our mobile-friendly websites ensure that your website is usable and encourages visitors to take action, regardless of what device they are viewing from.

When viewed on a mobile device, your More Customers Group mobile website will load quickly, be easy to navigate through a dedicated-mobile menu and be easily readable without having to zoom or scroll unnaturally. Customers today, expect websites to be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate with their fingertips (without having to pinch and zoom). If your website does not display properly for smartphone, tablet or laptop screen sizes, you are not meeting your customers’ needs and are missing out on a significant opportunity for your business.