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How to make your leaflet drop campaign work 800% better

Gold Coast Mower Recycler Errol Maker was in to see us recently about the most efficient means of promoting his new business.

Part of our marketing plan included door-to-door letterbox drops. You know the type — an A5 sheet, so you get 2 out of an A4 piece of paper, printed in a coloured ink, slipped into your letterbox along with every other letter and junk item for the day.

Our challenge was to make Errol’s message not only stand out from the rest, but also to be kept, not thrown in the bin straight away.

I called a long time printer mate of mine, John Mulliss from Jack Flash print. A quick check confirmed my plan would be viable.

In the past I’ve found that people are more inclined to keep a smaller junk mail item, like a business card. But we need to get more info to them than a business card would allow.

80% better response using this simple improvement

So I designed a 99mm x 72mm card, which will give you 12 cards to an A3 sheet.

The good news was, Errol got 1000 cards from Jack Flash for the same price as 1000 A5 flyers on normal bond.

And here’s the kicker: Errol got 800% more response from the cards as he did on one of his previous A5 flyer campaigns!

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