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Why Last Year’s SEO Isn’t Good Enough This Year


  • How simple ranking your website in Google used to be
  • Google’s dramatic and profit-threatening problem
  • How Google dealt with its many search accuracy problems
  • Google changes SEO, ranking your website by Social Media Activity, not backlinks
  • How we can help you to capitalise on the changes

The continued online success of your business depends on it.

 Why The Old SEO is Dead: Radical Changes That Google Made in October, 2012

SEO used to be easy:

  1. Make sure your website’s pages are set out exactly how Google loves them, and
  2. Get backlinks.

There was a lot more going on behind the scenes, but essentially that was how SEO used to be done. This is because Google had two ways to judge a website:

  1. Its page content and
  2. How popular the site was.

Google’s spiders would visit your site every couple of weeks and check if the pages were laid out correctly, suss out any new content, and award points accordingly. And Google would send other spiders all round the world to check how many other websites were linking to yours. Google called each link a “vote” for how good your website was, and awarded you more points accordingly.

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