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Combine Features AND Benefits to Increase Your Sales

A big mistake that marketing novices make is focusing on the features of their products or services, instead of on the benefits.

Features are what your product or service is or has.

Benefits are what those Features will do for your customers.

For instance the ‘features’ of a coffee cup might be:

  • Feature 1: Large size
  • Feature 2: Ergonomically designed handle
  • Feature 3: Can be used in a microwave
  • Feature 4: Thermal design
  • Feature 5: Personalised with your name
  • Feature 6: Large, stable base

Now, here’s what those Features mean to your customers.

  • Benefit 1: Large size means you have to fill up less often
  • Benefit 2: Ergonomically designed handle makes it comfortable for you to hold
  • Benefit 3: Can be used in a microwave means you can heat up your drink instantly
  • Benefit 4: Thermal design means your drinks will stay colder or hotter longer
  • Benefit 5: Personalized with your name means others won’t use your cup
  • Benefit 6: Large, stable base means no spills

People don’t buy 5 mm drills. They buy 5 mm holes.

They buy what your products and services can do for them.

Don’t assume that your customers know what each feature of your product or service will do for them. Spell those benefits out in simple terms that they can relate to.

Focusing on benefits is a powerful way to get the attention and interest of your very best prospects and customers.

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